Project Description

Clean, Convenient and Secure

The new house build allowed for a courtyard Falcon Pool that would be partially covered by a cantilevered roof emanating from the house that sits on two sides of the pool.  The pool was plumbed with a view to installing all equipment in the (front) garage (the pool being in the rear of the property.

The steps and integrated seat were designed to workwith the stainless steel handrail.  A Sunbather automated security cover was installed with a cantilevered pit lid.  The cover and pool tiles are deliberately similar in colour and tone.   The finished timber lid to the pit matched the extensive decking to the rear of the house.  The keyed access control for the cover is 1.6m above the ground keeping it out of reach of small children.

Design:  Renage Constructions

Tiles:  Ceramic 58mm (Ice Blue)

Paving: Bluestone

Photography:  Trudy Kelder