Project Description

Clean Architectural Lines.

The pool and the new two-storey home were designed together.  The surrounding dunes and low shrubs are a stark contrast to the house and pool that share the same clean architectural lines and materials palette.  The majority of the pool sits above ground and the surrounds are deliberately minimalist.  Natural materials with neutral tones are used wherever possible.  The grey ceramic pool tiles fit wonderfully well into this selection.

The pool is fully automated and is controlled via smartphone application (Connect10) as well as being remotely monitored.  The pool equipment is located some distance away from the pool and is discretely tucked into a custom-built enclosure to protect it from the harsh salt spray.  Infloor-cleaning, multi-coloured LED lighting and a mineral chlorination system ensure that this pool looks fantastic all year round

Design:  Falcon Pools

Tiles:  Ceramic Mosaic ‘Grey’

Paving: Bluestone

Photography:  Trudy Kelder & Emily Avery