Project Description

Inner City Rooftop Spa

The concrete spa was built on the first-floor extension to period home in Richmond, Melbourne.  The spa was proposed at the early design stage and was designed along with the house to ensure that the spa could be accommodated structurally, aesthetically and functionally on the small rooftop terrace.  The pool equipment is tucked under the (first floor) deck.  Private and luxurious, the Falcon pool is a great place to unwind.

The spa has a fully rendered exterior to produce the look of polished concrete.  The white Bisazza mosaic interior complements the exterior well.  The clean, light colour palette sits in clear contrast to the dark surrounds of the terrace privacy screening.  At night, when lit, the spa becomes the highlighted feature of the terrace.


Design:  Rachcoff Vella Architects

Tiles:  Bisazza Glass Mosaics (white blend)

Paving: Rendered Exterior

Photography:  Sarah Long